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How to Start a Photography Business

Starting a business is not an easy task. There is a lot of research that needs to be done, a lot of risk assessments, financial planning, and feasibility reports to be generated. All of this takes a serious amount of dedication on one’s part as the owner of a new business, and when the business you’re trying to start is in a highly saturated field like photography, there’s even more work that needs to be done.  

Luckily, we have brought to you some of the suggestions that might help you out with starting your own photography business.  

Be Good at It 

Before anything else, you need to be confident in your skill as a photographer and to be confident you need to practice a lot. You should take as many photos as possible, cover events for free if you have to, in order to learn more and more about the art of photography. You can use the best photo editor there is and use fancy tools and effects, but if your skill as a photographer is not polished enough, you won’t be able to get too far in your business.  

Market Yourself 

Marketing is the part and parcel of a photographer. In order to get clients, you need to put your work in front of them, and to do so you have to take up some marketing strategies. Social media is the best friend of photographers these days, as it allows them to showcase their work in front of the whole world. But because of this ease, there are millions of aspiring photographers uploading their photos on such platforms. So, you need to be smarter about how you share your work. Use hashtags, post in relevant groups, make eye-catching advertisements, and provide potential clients with complementary services to make yourself stand out from the crowd.  

Work for Free 

This may sound weird at first, but doing some projects for free will help you develop a very strong and diverse portfolio. If you’re a wedding photographer, shoot some family weddings. If you’re a general event photographer, find a local event and just shoot it for yourself. If you’re a portrait photographer, offer to take photos of a friend or family member. Whatever kind of photography you practice, you can learn a lot and build meaningful relationships with people by doing something for free for them. This way, they’ll be much more inclined to recommend you to someone else. If not, then just the work that you’ve done and shared via social media, and they’ve probably shared on their own social media accounts, will aid in putting your work out there.  

Get Help 

In order to develop a proper business, you might need to hire some people to help you out. These don’t have to be photographers, even though a second photographer can come in real handy when you have offers to shoot multiple events on the same day. You can hire an office assistant and an accounts manager to get started. 

Invest in Gear 

Gear is not the most important thing in developing a solid photography business, despite popular belief. However, it does help you out a lot. Having good equipment means that you can rely on it more and not worry about bad image quality or something failing on you during a shoot. A full-frame interchangeable lens camera, a selection of lenses that benefit your particular type of photography, some lighting solutions, a tripod, a gimbal for video work, and a bunch of memory sticks are some of the gear you should have before jumping into the world of professional photography.  


With all of this knowledge at your disposal, you should find it a little easier to start taking your photography to a professional level. You won’t be able to get clients right away but don’t worry. With time, you’ll build an impressive portfolio, improve your team and your gear, and be able to sustain your photography business for the future to come.  

Marketing Tips and Tricks

Digital Marketing is the Way to Go

It’s 2018. People are glued to their phones. When they’re not, they’re sitting with their eyes affixed to their laptops, their smart TVs, their tablets. This is the era of smart technology, it’s the era of the internet.

What does that mean for the people running their businesses? It means they have to learn how to market their products and services digitally.

Choose a Marketing Platform

There are so many ways to get your products in front of people’s eyes these days that you simply have to use at least a few of them. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are all excellent platforms for this purpose. You can have an audience of potentially millions of people if you play your cards right.

Make a Website

While Facebook Pages and Instagram profiles are great, nothing speaks ‘professional’ like a proper website. So invest a little money in getting a website made, post regular content on it, add a blog to it where you can describe your services, and share it over other platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Create Great Content

This is the age of content creation. People don’t respond to anything more than they respond to visual content these days. Photos and videos constitute most of today’s advertisement, and you as a businessman need to get on board with the trend.

So before going online and writing about your products and why your business is worth people’s time, get some great content made to post alongside all the text. Use photo editors like Adobe Photoshop ( and Aurora HDR ( to add a punch to your photos and use video editors like Adobe Premiere ( to develop professional-looking videos.

Once you get started with digital marketing and maintaining a healthy online presence, you’ll see how valuable this new trend in marketing can be for your brand.